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Everyone’s got Real Estate Tips or super cool Real Estate Resources that they say every new realtor needs to use. However, they don’t give you the Real Estate Education to develop the mindset and truly understand the purpose of that tip or resource.  Facebook and other social media platforms definitely fit into this category. The goal with Facebook is to get create mindshare by creating consistent content that urges people to engage your post and following your page.

To effectively do this you need to make sure you are posting on a consistent basis…which can be REALLY hard for a couple reasons.

  • Being ANNOYING – Blasting people on Facebook can be a something that people aren’t very comfortable with. NO ONE wants to be annoying.
    • Instead, focus on…: Your Focus shouldn’t be to simply fire off a couple of posts. Your focus needs to be on giving relevant value with every post. That value could be information, discounts, laughter, love, or care. You just need to make sure the VALUE is there with you post and it won’t matter how often people see you on their feed!
  • FEAR of Judgement – We are ALWAYS too critical of ourselves because we are afraid of being judged by the millions of people on Facebook.
    • Instead, focus on…: Understand the way Facebook works. The people that will first see your post are your Family & Friends. They know what you look like and know what your voice sounds like! And they love you anyways! Facebook is the definition of a warm audience!
  • Don’t know WHAT TO POST? – People struggle with what they should be posting. I mean, how many selfies is too many selfies?The first two objections we’re going to save for another BLOG. Today, we are committed to giving you 70 things that you can post!!!

Posting Category 1: Questions

  1. Question about History – could be World History, US History, or Local History…it seems like once we’re out of school, all the sudden we now thing history stuff is cool!!! (or is that just me???)
    • The answers should be in poll format
  2. Where am I? Place a photo of a landmark and give people options to guess that location.
  3. Thought Thursday – EXAMPLE: What are the benefits of a Trust?
  4. What good this weekend – What are some activities that people could be looking to do this weekend?
  5. Goofy Question – Toilet Paper…do you roll UNDER or OVER?
  6. Vendor Referral – Anybody got a bug guy?
  7. Math-o-Grams – Can anybody figure this out?
  8. Who’s having a GREAT DAY?
  9. Who’s having a BAD DAY?

HINT: Need help coming up with questions? → “Question in a Box” App

Posting Category 2: TIPS

  1. Pool Guy – What’s a quick and easy maintenance tip that can save a pool owner a TON of money?
  2. Bug Guy – How often do you really need to get your house spayed? What are some home remedies that work?
  3. Yard Guy – What is Pre-emergent and when is the best time to use it?
  4. AC Guy – Expensive filters…are they really worth it?
  5. Painters – What’s the typical price per square foot of painting your house?
  6. Floor Cleaners – Grout… how do you keep it clean?
  7. Home Cleaners – Top TWO tips everyone should know, but doesn’t
  8. Garage Door Guy – How do you link up your sensors?

Posting Category 3: Industry Interview

  1. Interview a Lender – What’s the purpose of a Pre-Qual
  2. Interview a Lender – What’s  the Balance? Monthy Payment / Down Payment / Interest Rate
  3. Interview a Home Inspector – What are the “RED FLAGS” of a home?
  4. Interview a BINSR Repair Specialist – What’s a BINSR specialist specialty?
  5. Interview an Appraiser – How can an appraiser HELP you? BUYER / SELLER
  6. Interview an Appraiser – How can an appraiser HURT you? BUYER / SELLER
  7. Interview a Title Company – What’s the job of the Title Company? What is escrow?
  8. Interview a Title Company – What’s is the Title Company doing behind the scenes?
  9. Interview a Title Company – What’s the closing day look like?
  10. Interview an Investor – Define a BUY BOX?
  11. Interview an Investor – Define a rental box?
  12. Interview an Investor – Define a wholesale?
  13. Interview an Investor – Define a AirBNB?

Posting Category 4: Monthly Items of Value

  1. January – Gym Membership Discount
  2. January – Financial Resources Podcast / opportunity
  3. February – Florist Discount
  4. February – Gift Ideas for Him / Gift Ideas for Her
  5. February – Cool Date Night Options (creative / unique)
  6. February – Cheap Date Night Options
  7. March – Landscaping Resources (Pricing Reference Point)
  8. March – Tree Trimming Tips and Tricks (Pricing Reference Point)
  9. March – Bulk Trash Pick Up Calendar
  10. April – Pool Resources (How can you get cheap chemicals / Algae Control)
  11. April – HVAC Service Company (helpful hints of maintenance)
  12. May – Kids Camp for the summer –
  13. May – Summer Movie Pass Schedule
  14. June – Splash Pad Locations
  15. July – Summer Educational Options (Public Library Calendar)
  16. July – StayCation Options
  17. August – Back to School Survival Kit
  18. September – Local School’s Event Calendar
  19. September – Movie in the Park Schedule
  20. October – DIY costume ideas
  21. November – Thanksgiving receipt
  22. November – Quick Xmas shopping on Amazon Ideas
  23. December – Winter visitor survival kit
  24. December – How to handle a flood house (with in-laws)

Posting Category 5: Business Related Post

  1. Coming Soon Listing
  2. Just Sold Listing
  3. Market Update
  4. Client Shout out
  5. Interest Rate Update
  6. Loan Program Update
  7. Industry Terms Defined – Absorption Rate, Appreciation, etc
  8. How the Appraisal impacts
  9. 7 Parts of the Listing Process?
  10. 7 Parts of the Buying Process?
  11. How Credit score can impact your monthly payment?
  12. How can you improve your credit score?
  13. How much money do you need for a down payment?
  14. What are some of the out of pocket expenses with SELLING
  15. What are some of the out of pocket expenses with BUYING
  16. How you should determine your Home Buying Budget

Not a bad list!!! No need for any other real estate resources for Facebook posting! Hopefully, this help to get started to consistently reach people through social media! Once the ball starts rolling on posting you’ll find that it starts to become much easier and a bit of a second nature. You begin to program your brain to identify the moments of your life that become postable. When those moments occur…and you identify them…take the 5 minutes that it is going to take to stop and memorialize the moment. If you can do that, your final step is to hit “SHARE”.

I really hope this helped you move the needle to overcoming one of your Facebook Posting Obstacles…if it did…AWESOME!!! To make it a little easier, I’ve created some Daily Themes to help you stay consistent.

Check them out. I know they can help!!! …You know it…it’s FREE!!! goes here

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