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The home buying experience is one of the most exciting experiences of a person’s life.  From start to finish, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will include all the twist and turns, all the ups and downs of an Academy Award Winning Film. Take any part of the process and look at it from the perspective of your clients.  There’s the anticipation of the pre-qualification process. There’s the eagerness of the home search. There’s the excitement of finding “the one”; the home they will be spending the rest of their live in! There’s the stress of the negotiation.  I’m telling you, the whole process takes them through a myriad of emotions.  But, the movies that you truly connect with and that are always in the back of your mind…are the ones that have those incredible endings.  The home buying process should be no different.  Your impact as a realtor will truly be cemented in the minds of your clients when you KILL the CLOSING!!!! Here are some Real Estate Tips that will ensure that you do just that

Here’s the “Why”

Before undertaking any investment of time or money you should always understand the “WHY” of the activity. Creating the WOW experience for your clients at the closing is no different. So here it is…

  1. Your purpose in this area is clear… you are looking to create Mobile Marketers out of each and every one of your previous clients. Mobile Marketer you say…? Let me clarify, you want every one of your clients promoting and vouching for you every time they encounter a ANY buyer or seller. Whether it be at family holidays, little league practice, or work functions (it could be strangers on the street for that matter) … you want your clients pushing your services and your skill as a realtor. Your past clients have first-hand knowledge of how you do business and can be your biggest advocate. If you’ve executed your WOW closing program flawlessly, this shouldn’t be a problem.


Here are a couple of numbers that should be GOALS for your Repeat/Referral business…

  • 70%-90% of all your business should be Repeat/Referral if your not there yet, you should be looking to beef something up at the point of the close.
  • Once you have an active database of 5,000 clients you should be able sustain a successful level of production in a normal market for the rest of your career. BUT…only if you have effectively WOW’d your clients.
  1. 80% of this business is based on RELATIONSHIPS and TRUST (all caps because they are that BIG!!!). When developing a new client, you are spending most of your time building those relationships and gaining their trust. With a client that you’ve already worked with, you’ve already put in that MASSIVE time investment and you already have a feel for their wants and needs. The second time around, the buying/selling process should go much smoother.  Further, with Referred clients, a large part of that trust can be transferred to the new client from your previous client.  Here again you are able to spend more time concentrating on the clients wants and needs as opposed to building all that trust.

Here’s How

Each agents’ WOW budget is relative. Depending on the amount of business that you do, the amount of money you can invest in developing your Repeat/Referral business may vary. I understand that…it just needs to be SOMETHING!!! This is NOT an area to short change your clients. After all, what’s the lasting impression that you want to make??? Here’s a couple of ideas to get your wheels turning…

NO Mobile Signing

We all understand that there are a TON of Real Estate Resources out there to help you provide a quality client experience. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to use them all. Sure a mobile signing can be convenient, but it is ANTI-CLIMATIC!!! Having some impersonal stranger comes to your client’s home to sign papers on the biggest purchase of their lives…what are you communicating to them? This seems COLD and HEARTLESS!!! Be there for them from start to finish and don’t start looking for an exit strategy prematurely. You are building your Repeat/Referral business through the RELATIONSHIPS/TRUST that you build. Not being part of the signing just isn’t getting it done!

Reserved Parking Spot

I don’t care if your work as an individual agent or are on a powerhouse team; your broker has an office that you can Kill the Closing at (If it doesn’t…find a new broker). Once you have the location of the signing set. Get there early and place a personalized sign by the door reserving that spot for your clients.

Why did you do this??? Because your clients are IMPORTANT to you!


Search their social media and print off some photos of the clients coming into the office for their closing.  Give those photos to the receptionist (don’t forget to include names on the photos). This way when your clients arrive the will be greeted by name by a perfect stranger.

Why did you do this??? Because your clients are IMPORTANT to you!

Office Set Up

  • Food/Drink– Have options of 3 different beverages and 3 different snack that your clients can enjoy while signing. If you’re an over achiever, I’m sure you can find a way to bring up their favorite snacks and drinks in conversation as you’re going through the home searching process and make a note of it. If you’ve done that; have those items at the closing (GOLD STAR for you).
  • Notary– Be picky about who you use for a notary. This person should be a genuinely outgoing, caring person (High “S” or “I” on the DISC profile).
    • Transaction Coordinator– Part of this person’s responsibilities should be to include personal notes about the clients. Those notes, along with your notes, should be sent to your notary prior to the signing.  That notary should be connecting with your clients on a personal level.  This will make your clients feel comfortable and safe in this life changing moment.
  • PowerPoint– Create a PowerPoint that includes the photos of the client’s new home scrolling through along with family photos that you’ve copied from their Facebook account. For you super tech guys out there; you can crop the family photos and layer it on top of the new home. A nice little touch that could mean the world to your clients.

Why did you do this??? Because your clients are IMPORTANT to you!

Here’s Help

Remember, as an New Realtor you need to learn how to leverage yourself. This can be a big commitment of resources; time and money. The title company you use can assist you in taking some of that commitment off your shoulders.  Some title companies are heavily invested in building Repeat/Referral business and are willing to do a ton of different things for your clients. Look for them and use them.  I would venture to say that any action that is put forth by you OR another entity will generally be associated to YOU. I mean seriously, how many clients insist on using a specific title company…OR…How many times have you been referred to a title company. It’s always about the agent!!!


AGAIN, you should be working to have Repeat/Referral business make up 30%-40% of all business!  If you’re NOT Killing the Closing you are Killing your Business.


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