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How often do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook? There’s nothing that you’re TRYING to find, no SPECIFIC person you’re looking for, NO OBJECTIVE AT ALL!!! You are simply killing time and seeing if there is some post that could catch your eye and give you an excuse to smile, say hmmm, or possibly both.  The average person spends 40 to 50 minutes a day on Facebook. That’s almost 6 hours a week people are actively engaged in this form of social media.  Why would you spend 6 hours a week…24 hours a month…288 hours a year…doing anything??? BECAUSE you want to be ENGAGED!!!! This is a great opportunity for some Facebook Real Estate Tips…ENGAGE THEM and ENTERTAIN THEM and MAKE THEM THINK with your post!!!

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Big Facebook Mistake


A salesperson is NOT engaging. In fact, I would say that super “salesy” person actually has the reverse effect!!! Any aggressive salesman ALWAYS has me running for the door. In fact, those guys have such a lasting impression on me that I will avoid a business simply because I don’t what to deal with it.  I might need something desperately, but I will avoid that store like the plague because I don’t what to have someone jumping in my back pocket trying to pry money out of my wallet.  BOTTOM LINE…don’t be that guy!


Instead, be the person that people WANT to hear from because they entertain. Be the person that make people think. Be the person that inspires others. Be the person that people are “searching” for in their 6 hours a week on Facebook. Be the person that Stops their Scroll. You can do this very easily by simply giving people something of value.  Value is different for everyone. For that reason, you have to change it up. You should have different types of post.


Here are some examples of different post…

  1. Post charts, graphs and statistics!
  2. Post videos
  3. Post inspiring quotes
  4. Post inspiring community stories
  5. Post community events
  6. Post about cool local business
  7. Post cost effective DIY ideas
  8. Post market analysis
  9. Post about an interesting blog you’ve read
  10. Post about you and your family (helps to establish trust)


Each and every one of these types of post will appeal to SOMEONE in your sphere, but not all. That’s why it’s imperative that you mix up your post to ensure that you are meeting the needs of all the different types of people that are following you on Facebook.


BIG Facebook GOAL


Your goal is to be the “go to” (the Google) for your sphere when they are looking for a quick blurb that makes them laugh, smile, or think!!! It’s simple to say…but, it can seem overwhelming to actually execute!!! How can you make this achievable?


Here are some Hints to help you consistently post…


  1. Create a weekly calendar (each day is a specific type of post) …
    1. Example:
      • Mondays- Data…
      • Tuesday- Inspiration…
      • Wednesday- Blog/DIY…
      • Thursday- Community…
      • Friday- Video…(upcoming Open House)
      • Saturday- DAY OFF
      • Sunday- Family Event/Memories
  1. Become a blog reader…
    1. Sign up for Feedly…it’s FREE
      1. It’s a great way to organize blogs that are relatable to you and your sphere.
Holy Cow!!! This is a TON of stuff to be posting! Where do I get all this information to share???

Check this OUT!!! I’ve got a list of 10 blogs that will always keep you on the cutting edge of the biz!!!

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  1. ALWAYS in the back of your mind…
    1. If you are COMMITTING to posting, you need to make sure that you are always looking for different items that could be “postable”. Just being aware of your objectives and understanding your weekly categories will assist you in achieving your goal of developing a social media presence.

Hint if you’re still struggling getting information to post…there’s a website out there who’s sole purpose is to develop material to help Real Estate Agents grow their business; Keeping Current Matters.  Check it out and see what you think…the one drawback…you have to pay for it.


Behind the scenes…Real Estate Goal


All of this activity…all this effort… is to help you as a Real Estate Agent to gain and maintain mind share within your sphere. You NEVER know which post that you’re putting out there is going to connect with someone. However, you DO know that if you are not putting out any post you are NOT connecting with ANYONE!!! For that reason, you have got to keep active and keep posting.

Remember, this is a business built on relationships and trust.  The people in your database and within your sphere must feel as though you have that relationship with you.  Facebook is the perfect avenue to do that. Think about how YOU use Facebook and the way it helps you to stay connected to family from across the country or friends from high school. It may have been years since you’ve seen these people, but you still feel as though you have a relationship with them.  This is the type of relationship that you are looking to build with your sphere through Facebook.  Once you’ve achieved that type of relationship…you’ll already be given the benefit of the doubt with those clients in the trust department.

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I hope that this helps you to keep your focus as you work to develop a social media presence. Posting every day can seem like a daunting task. If you’re not quite ready for that…make a goal to post once a week…then twice a week…then build from there. Set a standard for yourself this month and see what happens.  This is becoming an industry norm. Work to stay on the forefront of the industry to save you the stress of playing catch up!!!

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