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Those feelings that you had as a young child every time your parents told you to “take out the trash” or “brush your teeth” is apparently the same feeling your Open House visitors feel when you ask them to sign in to your log book.  But why is it really that hard??? I mean, it’s not like you’re asking them to rip off their left arm and give it to you (…or worse, give up their cell phone). For whatever reason, this is the first of many battle fields a new agent is tested on.  The same way you would never go to war without being properly armed, we need to make sure that you have some effective tools to engage your visitors when they reject your Log Book request.  Here are 3 sure fire ways that will definitively improve your Sign In rate.


#1- The Trade


As with anything in this business, you need to establish your value and make deposits before you start asking for withdrawals.  There are a few keys to the successful implementation of “The Trade”.

Set up

At the entrance of your property you should have a table set up with multiple clipboards presenting your sign in sheet. However, you should have nothing else of value at the entrance. Instead, you place all other handouts and marketing material in another area (kitchen).


As with any script, you need to make sure that it’s YOU…it’s genuine. Feel free to add you own variations to any script that you use.

  • “If I can get you to sign in really quick. I’ll go ahead and grab a few different pieces of information that I have that you’ll definitely want to check out!”
    1. you immediately turn and walk away to retrieve the packet that you’ve prepared. This will leave your guest with nothing else to do except to fill out your Log Book.
  • ISSUE: When you return, the Log isn’t completed… What do you do???
    1. ANSWER: This is your first encounter with your visitor’s push back. How hard do you battle? Well, that is ultimately up to you. You’ve got to work to get a feel for people and develop your scripts along the way. Just remember…Winning the Log Book sign in is NOT the objective!!! Winning the client IS!!!
    2. Option: Before you hand over your incredibly valuable piece of information to them…gently glance over at the sign in and say, “Ohh, looks like you missed the email/phone number/etc.” This is a gentle little emphasis on the things that are important to you. Once they’ve filled out the necessary fields you make the trade and give them your unbelievably cool stuff. This is not confrontational. If you get any push back on this, I would stand down and live to fight another day.


A visitor giving you contact information is incredibly valuable to you so you must respect that and give them something that is equally valuable.  Work to develop that. One example would be a list of your pre-market inventory. This is something that is NOT public knowledge and is VERY VALUABLE to a perspective buyer. Eliminating competition in any situation is a good thing. If you don’t have a huge pre-market inventory, work to create value through other means.


Hint Being part of a team will allow you to have this type of inventory list.  It may not be your listing, but it can be impressive to a visitor when you present a list of 20 properties. Besides, most visitors will not differentiate whether the listings are yours or your team members. Honestly, why would that matter to them anyway.


#2 Security


In today’s day and age personal security is a MASSIVE issue!!! So, I don’t really consider this a tactic, but rather more of a practice. Having a track record of all the visitors that come through your open house will not only give you and your family piece of mind, but your clients also. In an open house your clients are opening their home to perfect strangers and trusting that their intentions are genuinely good. All they are asking for in return is contact information. That seems like an exceptionally low price to pay for an opening of a door.


  • “It’s really important to my clients that all visitors sign in. Security is a HUGE issue for them. I really want to make sure I respect my clients wishes.”
  • “Can I get you to sign in? The one condition that my husband had when I started in real estate is that EVERYONE sign in. He wants to make sure that I’m safe and sound.”


  • As a 6’3, 230lbs male (with a massive beard), the security card could be a harder sell for me. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t do it.  I simply place a couple of signs at the entrance of the driveway, entrance of the walkway and on the door stating that all visitors must sign in and present a driver’s license when entering the home. You’ll be amazed how effective this can be.
  • I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I compare this to my 2-year-old (after all, we are all kids at heart). When I simply tell my little guy it’s time to clean up; I get instance water works and screaming.  However, if I prep him and give him a 2-minute warning to that clean up time; “Hey bud, we need to clean up in TWO MINUTES.” He’s still not a happy camper, but for the most part we avoid the kicking and screaming!!! The sign gives everyone of your visitors a little bit of “prep time” before they walk through your open house door.  A lot of people will have their ID out as they walk in


#3 The Contest  


Winner, Winner…Chicken Dinner!!! Who doesn’t like to win? Think about all those videos where a middle aged man RIPS a foul ball out of the hand of kid as a baseball game; WHY??? Because he wants to win!!! Think about grown adults jumping over each other trying to catch those free t-shirts launched at the crowd at a basketball game; WHY??? Because they want to win!!! Think about all those women at a wedding throwing elbows at each other when the bouquet is tossed over the brides shoulder; WHY??? Because they want to win (…this may not be the best example; You be the judge). Bottom line is this, EVERYONE likes to win. Use that desire to your benefit and create your own contest at your open house.



  • Buy $5 Starbucks or QT gift card
  • Tell everyone who comes in that by signing in they are entering to win that gift card

Hint The information has to be correct in order for you to get a hold of them if WHEN they win!

  • Have a drawing at the end of your open house and call the winner!!!


Addition Options

  • Buy additional gift cards to give to every visitor that seemed like a “HOT” lead. If you end up buying and delivering 20 gift cards you had a VERY SUCCESSFUL open house.


The Follow up

This is the critical piece of the Open House. This is where you get an extended opportunity to build a connection and relationship with a lead.  Not only that, but it’s in a situation that puts you in a great light. You are the one letting them know that they are a winner! As with any open house you must make your follow up calls the same day and when you do you simple say,

“Hey Sue! This is Justin from the open house at 123 Main Street. Congratulations!!! You WON my drawing for a free Starbucks gift card!”

In this conversation you should be making an effort to make a connection and get yourself more facetime.

“Listen, I’m always driving all over the city. Where do you live? I’ll swing by and drop off the gift card.”

Once you get their address it’s time to go to work and do your research! You are about to have your 3rd touch with a new “HOT” lead. Put together a packet of information that could not only interest them, but also benefit these perspective clients; market analysis, comps in the area, pre-inventory list, financing options, promotional magnet with your contact information, etc.

But how do you engage when dropping off the winner’s prize…? Remember your purpose…build a relationship, NOT a sale!!!

“WOW, I really like this neighborhood/curb appeal/school district!!!” is always a great intro!!!

From there you can hand over the winning gift card and say…

“I also put together a couple of things that you might want to look through; like some of my pre-market inventory in the area and a range of values that you could get for your home.”

Every visit will be different, but your focus will never change. Building a relationship.  Care about the things they are concerned about and don’t push your services. Each meeting is about them…NOT you!


Rejection is brutal and nobody likes getting shut down!  Getting someone to sign in to your log book can give you flashbacks to that moment when you finally asked your high school crush to go out with you. NIGHTMARE!!!! However, if your using each one of these methods it will help you get over those Log Book rejections. Don’t be shy!!! Get out there and make it happen! Remember, if you’re looking for a little extra help, Elevated ED does offer an entire Real Estate Agent Course that will offer you all the answers.

If you thought these 3 could help you out…check this out!!!

I went ahead and took the next step for you.  Here you can get a pre-made security sign to post in the entry to your Open House.  Yep…It’s FREE!!!

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