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As a beginning agent, getting your first listing appointment is a monumental breakthrough!!! If you’ve been in the business, think back to the first appointment that you set. If you’re just starting out, imagine how it’s gonna feel…it’s going to be AMAZING!  But, getting that first appointment is just the first step in getting those dominoes to start falling in the direction of getting that closing. The question is: How do you convert that one appointment into a client? Well here’s how to start! Below are the SEVEN actions every agent needs to take when preparing for their Listing Appointments!


#1 Create your Mindset

If this appointment is significant to you (which it should be) make sure you acknowledge that it is important and embrace that fact. MORE importantly, you need to figure out a way to make sure your potential client knows just how important their listing is to you.  Some agents become ruled by fear and are overly concerned about coming on too strong or being overly aggressive. Other agents are still working to develop a comfort level when putting themselves out there on a public platform to strangers. STOP WORRYING about it.  If you truly want your clients to become your extended “family” you need to lead by example. Reach out to them and show them the person that you are. You’ll be amazed! All you have to do is be genuine and be you and you’ll have no problem converting these leads to client. There shouldn’t be anything that you wouldn’t be willing to do for your “family”.  Make sure you get that point across in your meeting. Bottom line; you need to get the message across to these potential clients that you will use any means necessary to get their home sold for top dollar in the shortest amount of time.


#2 Video Email

As soon as you get the Listing Appointment set, you should be game planning a time to go out to the property and create a video of their home that you can send to the potential clients.  It could be as simple as “I can’t wait to meet you and show you how I’m going to sell your home for TOP DOLLAR!” OR you could go as far as creating a sample promotional video of the listing that you would post on social media.  Closing with “this is just one of the ways that I plan on getting TOP DOLLAR for you home! I can’t wait to meet you and show you everything else I have to offer.”

This is a great way to set the tone for your meeting and to demonstrate the benefits of having you working for them.

Using a phone is a quick and easy way to film the video. You can use a tripod that you order from if it makes you feel more comfortable, but remember, this is just a sample video. By using your phone you can easily text it to your clients, OR you could enlist the services of which allows you to embed the video directly into emails. Using the BombBomb option would allow you to display another way that you will separate yourself from the competition.


#3 Create a Marketing Plan

You should create a custom marketing plan for every property that you sell. The objective of the plan will be to lay out the different steps that you will be taking in order to sell the property for the top dollar in the shortest amount of time. When you are actually having your Listing Appointment your focus should be on building rapport and giving the clients the information that they are asking for. The conversation could stray from the finer details of your marketing plan, but if you have those details lined out in a handout, your client will have a MUCH higher likelihood of seeing the total package that you have to offer. However, you do need to be careful about what you are putting in your marketing plan. You ONLY want to state the actions that you are willing to take for the property. If it’s in writing, you need to follow through and deliver.

Obviously, you’ll make the first marketing plan from scratch and this will become your “template” for your future Listing Appointments. You can then easily copy/paste/delete/add different features that you will be executing for the different clients that you encounter.

Hint The marketing plan for a million-dollar home should look very different than the market plan for a $200k home. For this reason, you should be looking to create “Marketing Plan Templates” for different price points as you encounter them. These templates will save you a ton of time in the long run.

CHECK THIS OUT!!! Here’s a sample Marketing Plan that you can use as your first template!!!

No worries…I’ll send it your way for FREE!!!

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#4 Range of Comps

Make sure you prepare a listing of comparable properties that show a range of values. This is as opposed to putting together only a couple of listings that align to a single price point. By doing this you are giving the clients all the information necessary to understand the market…and ultimately, helping them pick a selling price. I ALWAYS encourage our agents to give the clients a strong voice in setting the selling price. This will give them more “buy in” to the process and make them less likely to give “push back” if the home doesn’t sell as quickly as anticipated.

I would also recommend discussing how the price point can impact the length of time that the home is one the market. You can do this by stating… “The properties similar to yours that are selling in 30 days are between $250k-$255k, 60 days $255-$260, 90 days $265k-$275k”. You want to equip your clients with information that will help them pick the best price for their needs, NOT YOURS!

Lastly, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Become VERY familiar with the neighborhood that your appointment is in, because YOU KNOW your client will be.  For example, if a home sold for $350k across the street and you suggest a sale price of $300k… they’ll think you’re NUTS! UNLESS, you point out that the home across the street is 600 square feet bigger with a pool and has solar panels; then you’ll come off prepared and knowledgeable because you ARE.

#5 Pre-Listing Appointment Package

Prior to the actual Listing Appointment, drop off a package of items that the client can review in order for them to be more prepared for your meeting. This can be done at any time prior to the appointment; it could happen a week before or a day before.  Whether the clients look at it or not doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the clients feel they have everything they need to be successful. If they feel that way when preparing for this simple appointment they will know they can trust that this is how you will make them feel as you lead them through one of the most stressful situations of their life; selling their home.

Here are all the items that you should include in the Pre-Listing Appointment Package…

  1. Sellers Guide

  2. Sample Open House Flyer

  3. Marketing Plan

  4. Range of Comparable Home Values

  5. Personal note

#6 Listing Presentation Video

This is a video that you should have professionally done that promotes ALL of the different ways that you can benefit the client.  We email this a day or two prior to the actual meeting. Sending this ahead of time will give the client another way of understanding what you offer if you don’t get a chance to cover it within your meeting. We’re not concerned with the redundancy! This is simply another way that we can demonstrate your value to the clients. If you are able reach out to them in creative and inventive ways your clients will understand this is how you’ll be reaching out to buyers!

#7 Role Play

Role playing the Listing Appointment with another agent can be a huge advantage to converting this appointment into a client. This exercise can help you to anticipate some of the different questions/concerns that could arise in the meeting and to develop appropriate responses. You never know what’s going to put you over the top in gaining a client. Make sure you’re leaving nothing to chance.


Hopefully, this gave you some insight on how to prepare for a Listing Appointment. This is simply in an effort to get that first domino to fall and build momentum for the meeting itself. Make sure you are keeping your focus, asking all the right questions and listening to your clients and the listing WILL BE YOURS!!!

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