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Whether you’re brand new or an experienced agent, Elevated ED has all the tools and resources to take your business to the next level!!!


Elevated ED

What do you get with Elevated ED…?

Engaging Content Delivery

It’s difficult to find online content for real estate that will actually help you   grow your business. YouTube offers information. Occasionally, you’ll find a FREE Webinar that you might get something out of. The Pain Point with those resources is that they offer a TON of fluff, but no real Action Items. Elevated ED is truly unique in the way it balances content delivery. 80% Actionable Items / 20% Real Life analogies to keep you going!!!

Reasonably Grouped Information

How many times have you started watching a webinar and by the end of it you realized it was TWO HOURS long. The first 40 minutes was the sales pitch, the last 40 minutes was the sales pitch with some testimonials. In the middle they throw in some case studies. At the end of the Webinar you realized that their was only 10 minutes committed to actionable items!!! Even it it was all great value, there is NO WAY a single person can retain TWO HOURS of content. With Elevated ED you don’t have to!!! We’ve broken down each Module into separate segments of 10 – 18 minutes. That way, if you every need to go back through the Module you don’t have to  sit through TWO HOURS again. Just rewatch the segment that applies and start taking action!!!

ScreenCast Tutorials

One of the most frustrating things in the world is when someone tells you what you should do…but, doesn’t SHOW you how to do it!!! The Elevated ED Program ensures that you will never feel that way. We’ve included screencast tutorial along with everything we tell you to do. If we tell you should make your flyers with, we’ll include a Tutorial that will walk you through each step!!! Next thing you know you’ll be having two window up on your screen; one playing Elevated ED tutorials, the other is your work screen.

Downloadable Templates

How long does it take you to draft an email??? How long does it take you to create a personalized sign in sheet??? Well, with Elevated ED you get all that time back!!! We are going to give you Templates for everything under the sun. Every Module has an “Agent Resource” tab that will include Downloadable Templates that can be yours at a click of a button. These templates will allow you to get the competitive edge over any agent out there!!! 

Templates that are Editable

Not only are those Templates easy to download, but you have the ability to Personalize EVERYTHING!!! We’re not going to send you PDF that force you to use our logo or our verbiage. You can make everything your own!!! This is a MASSIVE benefit that will allow you to invest minimum amounts of time, but gain MAXIMUM rewards!!! Not only that, but these are the same templates that are proven to get results from some of the top producing agents in the country!!!


The GREATEST feature of the entire site is that you have LIFETIME ACCESS!!! The world of Real Estate is in a constant state of change…as a result The Elevated ED Platform will be creating content to help agents adapt when the market shifts. Once you join the Elevated Family…you’re a member for LIFE!!!

Five Pieces of the Puzzle. One Big Picture.

In the world of Real Estate Education, there are MILLIONS of shinny objects that can distract you from building and growing a real estate business. Our job is to keep you focused on the areas that take you to the next level!!!

Setting Up Systems

Setting Goals

Lead Generation

Appointment Setting

Client to Close

Elevated ED

Get a feel for the Content


Everything that is Elevated ED

Module 1:

Goal Setting

Module 2:

Engaging Your SOI

Module 3:

Open House Promotion

Module 4:

Open House Execution

Module 5:

Facebook Basics

Module 6:

Establishing Price

Module 7:

Working with Buyers

Module 8:

Crushing Listing Presentations


What People Are Saying

Elevated ED has helped me tremendously with that first conversation with a buyer or seller.  At any time, I can pull up a script that’s got all the right questions to ask to determine the real needs of a new client.  It’s so important to portray that level of professionalism in the very beginning of the relationship (transaction).

Karen Merkle


Exceptional! Elevated Ed’s material is FRESH and NEW with easily followed checklists and accountability! Whether you are new or experienced, you will learn a TON from his informative educational series!

Justin Baker

Team - Managing Partner (Former Tom Ferry Coach)

I jumped into Elevated ED right after I passed my Real Estate exam. After three months, I have 2 closed transactions, 1 pending, and have another listing that should go under contract in the next couple of days! Thank you Elevated ED!!!

Jessica Sulu


The Elevated ED Training Program has freed up a significant amount of time for me each and every week!!! I no longer need to worry about training our agents and instead I can now focus on improving efficiency and growing our team. 

Erik Johnson

Team Leader

I love the fact that the information is always just getting better. He doesn’t just settle. These courses are a great way to constantly refresh yourself on your own time and help you stay relevant and provide value to your clients! 

Angela Melacon





$497 then $59/mo

(unlimited access)

Module I: Goal Setting
Module II: Engaging your SOI
Module III: Open House Promotion
Module IV: Open House Execution
Module V: Facebook Basics
Module VI: Establishing Pricing
Module VII: Working with Buyers
Module VIII: CRUSHING Listing Presentations

Bonus Modules:

  • Getting Systems Started Module
  • Client to Close Module

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