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Setting appointments and converting those appointments into actual listing agreements are two totally different things! It’s critical that you find a way to show your value and demonstrate how you will go above and beyond the competition to sell that clients property. One of those Real Estate Tips that will get you there  is the creation of a video listing presentation.  But what should that listing presentation look like and what should it include and what type of work do you need to do leading up to the filming?  Here are a couple of my thoughts on how to make a Listing Presentation Video that adds to your appeal to those thousands of clients out there looking for agents.

Be Genuine

Sure, you could just fire up a search on YouTube or reach out to a media production company and have them send you over clips of their previously produced products to get an idea what your video should look like and you can just regenerate one of your own. BUT, there’s a problem with that.  It’s NOT you.  A big part of this business is building relationships and thereby building trust with your clients.  That trust will be the backbone of a relationship that will have your clients making one of the largest purchases of their life; I new home.  You want to make sure that the person YOU are is evident and that you’re not trying to be someone that you’re not.  Consumers will see right through that. You will be amazed at how endearing you will become to consumers when you aren’t afraid to show the true you.

Along those lines, be willing to show your passion. Realtors generally develop a passion toward specific phases of the home buying process and commit themselves to the development of systems and tools that maximize those areas.  Those systems and tools are what you want to accentuate in your presentation video.  Not only will it show what the perspective clients will be getting when they contract with you, but they will also get a chance to see your genuine passion and pride that you have in what you’ve created and are implementing within you daily operations.  Both of these are huge bonuses in attracting clients that are undecided as to who they will be using to represent them.

  • Hint in order to REALLY get your passions to translate to video. You have to be over the top…GO BIG!!! It’s a general rule of thumb that you have to double your emotional output for it to come through on tape. Obviously, the amount of “amping” could be different for each individual person depending on how animated you are naturally.

Be Prepared

As with anything; the more time you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Prior to the day of filming you should look to put in anywhere to 10-15 hour of preparation time. That time should be focused on…


Take time to outline the introductory message and make sure that the word choice and tone match you’re what your mission is and who you are. From there you want to identify what sets your real estate model sets you apart from the competition.

  • Hint– make sure the first statement out of your mouth is…
    1. Acknowledgement for the client’s time
    2. Introduction of yourself
    3. Statement of the purpose of the video


create a script with an emphasis on the principles set forth in the outline. Make sure that you keep your focus and don’t deviate from your mission statement. The more focused you are in the details of your script the less time that you’ll waste in taping (we pay $300 an hour).  The time spent in preparation will also assist you in the level of confidence that you are able to display on screen. (Confident, NOT over confident).

Clear Expectations

Spend time to really focus in on the image that you are trying to present in the video. Think of it as creating an “Avatar” for your company; who is your company.  IF you feel like your company is on the cutting edge of technology and always developing innovative ideas.  You want that to come across in your video. DO you feel like your company generates a feeling similar to a close knit family? Your video should transcend those feeling that drive your business most and have inspired your passion.

You not only need to be clear about your expectation for you own benefit, but you ESPECAILLY want to be clear about your expectations with whoever is producing the video.  You might know what you want, but you’re not the artist creating the product.  In order for them to create your vision, they have to KNOW IT, UNDERSTAND IT, and FEEL IT! I can’t emphasize this enough.  Make sure your expectation/vision is clear to those making the video. If you don’t, you’ll be feeling a ton of frustration when you see the first edit (first-hand experience speaking) and be committing a ton of time to getting it right.

Be Different

Don’t be vanilla…a presentation video is a marketing technique, and you NEVER want to be vanilla in marketing. It’s your job to create a video that gets clients excited about the path that they are headed down and the realtor that is going to lead the way. This is where I would recommend looking up other presentation videos to see what the competition is doing…and DON’T be like them.  If your script seems to have you fitting into the norm you need to go back to the drawing board.  Here are a couple of ways that you can differentiate yourself.


energy and enthusiasm is motivating!!! It’s engaging!!! It’s attractive!!! However, that energy has to be genuine. Artificial enthusiasm can have the exact opposite effect. It can turn a client off and have them heading for the door in 2.2 seconds. This can also allow a client to focus less on some of the other systems that you may not have in place.


you can set yourself apart in your presentation through your display of outside the box thinking. By making bold choices through the backgrounds, graphics and animations you use in your presentation video can demonstrate to your clients the strategies that you will incorporate into the marketing of their property.

Demonstrate Value

Bells and whistles will appeal to a large portion of consumers out there, but many still are looking for the “Meat and potatoes”. Giving efficient explanation of the value you will provide through the implementation of your unique systems will set you apart in the eyes of those perspective clients that are more data driven.

The purpose of the presentation video sets you apart from the competition. Not everyone does it.  However, if you focus on these areas you’ll be even setting yourself apart from those agents that are doing those videos too.

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