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“To take a day off, or not to take a day off…that is the question.”  Well, from some of the most productive Real Estate teams perspective, the amount of days off you take are critical to an agent’s success and the FIRST lead indicator that you should be setting for yourself.  Make sure that you’re finding the balance in your schedule in order to have that balance in your life. This is one of the best of many Real Estate Tips!!!

First, too many days off in a week and you are NOT an effective agent and NOT providing the level of service that your clients deserve and should expect.  On the other hand, not enough time off and your mental health will suffer and again you will NOT provide the level of service that your clients need. We are not going to address both of those issues here. The first issue is way TOO self-explanatory. Real estate is a service industry. So, should Real Estate Agents take a day off?  You have to be “clocked in” in order for you to provide top notch service. If you’re not putting in the hours and not pounding the pavement you not going to be able to maximize your leads and are never going to generate that significant repeat-referral clients that we all are pushing for.

However, the second struggle of working too many days can impact your productiveness, both in the long term and short term. One of the most significant tools in the real estate agents “tool box” is their charisma.  Whether it be in the role of attracting new clients, nurturing current clients, or address lenders and other agents a representing agent must be fresh and rested in order to maximize their skill sets.  Having a day off allows agents to do just that; get that critical R&R. That single day can recharge your battery and give you that little extra in the tank to gain a few more clients.

Another little added bonus for those Team Leaders out there is if the “day off” is the first priority for you when your sitting down in your goals meeting when your discussing Lead Indicators you be sending an unintentional/intensional message that you care and are concerned with your agents developing a healthy balance between work and play. This communicates to the members of the team that the leader is not only about the numbers, BUT also cares about the individual agents and their family as well.  Another side effect will be the development of a positive work environment and culture.  Any quality coach will tell you a great team chemistry and positive environment is worth a couple of “wins” every year. A win is equivalent to closing a deal…you do the math! Establishing your day off is your first move every week.

Why should Real Estate Agents take Day Off?


When you hire talented people they will be motivated and driven to take themselves to the next level of production…whatever the industry and wherever they are in it. People that are committed to reaching that next level of business could be asked (OR even ask themselves), “Why are you killing yourself at work?” Those precious Days Off are the answer to that question. As humans we need to taste the carrot every once in a while to keep us motivated and NOT just continually chase it.

That day off with your kids at the park, with your wife at the movies, hanging out with your friends at a bar-be-que, or even just a quiet day on the couch helps you as an agents to stay focused and driven to being successful in the work place. This also applies to setting annual vacations. These are small checkpoints through the course of the year that will give every employee a moment to catch their breath and refocus for the coming week or months. Without these moments of relief an agent could burn out and become significantly less effective, efficient and profitable at their job without even realizing it.


As you become more and more successful it can be easy for agent to be less focused on the negotiation of each individual deal as it comes across their desk. You could be leaving thousands of dollars at the negotiation table because you’ve become numb to the numbers involved.  However, those thousands of dollars could be the first year of tuition for your clients kids. Make sure you are on your game every time and your clients will be grateful!  …and they’ll keep coming back.

Taking that day off and stepping of the hamster wheel will help to remind you each deal is a person’s life, their hopes, their “next step” in life and not just contracts sliding in front of you. By inundating yourself in the daily grind, you can forget the clients behind the contract which will result in your customer care suffering. The long term impact of that customer care will be a significant drop in your repeat referral business and that is something that no agent can afford.


We say your Day Off is a day for you. However, a byproduct of your commitment to recreation is the development of your sphere. A significant number of an agent’s success is driven by establishing connections through like experiences. If your only life experience is work, you are dramatically limiting the amount of connections you are able to make.  In essence, an agents experiences on their days off can be looked at as a prospecting venture.

Hiking Groups, Gym memberships, Crossfit, Volunteering can all be effective recreational activities that allow for prospecting to occur and the development of your sphere. There are a lot of different methods other than phone calling to prospect.  You must understand that they are ALWAYS prospecting!  Even on your days off…and would you really consider going on a hike as working???

Personal Budget

The same way you have a financial budget that you would NEVER financially exceed and go into debt, you would NEVER exhaust your personal resources of energy. By limiting your availability through your days off (saying “No” to new commitments in your schedule) you get a chance to realize how much more effective you can be at the commitments you already have in your weekly task. We are all guilty of taking on any and every opportunity that comes our way. In essence spreading ourselves too thin.

A day off is a DAY OFF (kind of). Occasionally, we have to take time and reflect on exactly what we are doing and how effective we are at accomplishing it. Too much multi-tasking can limit your effectiveness and overloading ourselves is the fastest way to sabotage our own personal production. The Day Off gives you parameters that you are REQUIRED to work within; a limit OR “budget” on your personal resources.

 😎 TIP 😎

If you’re constantly feeling those pressure to be “ON” 24/7 and always answering the phone, it’s important to be open and up front with your clients. Let them know what they can expect from you.

“Just so you know, I generally work to return calls between 3-5pm every night. So, if I don’t get back to you right away… you’ll be hearing from me at by 5pm that night”.

…OR… if clients are looking to have some questions answered on a Sunday…

”Sundays are the days that I dedicate to my family…so I’ll get back to you first thing Monday morning.”


Being clear up front with clients will help to ease your mind about the service that you are providing.  You’ll be surprised how many clients understand the commitment to family and self. To further reinforce the desired expectation for your clients, you must include the above statements within your voice mail.  This will help to prevent any confusion with clients that may forget that initial conversation about call back expectations.

Why should Agents go “All Day…Every Day”

  • Some of those real “go getters” out there are looking to crush their competition by simply out working the competition and don’t take any time for themselves or their families. This comes down to philosophy; is pedal to the metal 24/7…you live, eat, breath real estate” what you are comfortable being on your head stone at 40 years old. It is our thought that this is not a sustainable long term model. That person WILL break and some point.

The Laughton Team believes that fostering the “Days Off” Theory contributes to the mental health of its agents and believes that the culture and climate created by this policy in the long run will far outweigh the possible instant reward of “ALL DAY, EVERY DAY” Theory.

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